Do You and Your Car Need a Lift?

Do You and Your Car Need a Lift?

Call the best towing service based in Bar Harbor, Maine

The towing professionals at Island Towing & Auto Repair are always up to pick you up! We are a full-service 24/7 towing company located in Bar Harbor, Maine. Trust our team to immediately drive our tow trucks to your location for roadside assistance. We’ll come any time, day or night, to haul your car to wherever it needs to go.

3 reasons why customers come to Island Towing & Auto Repair

  1. We’re centrally located in Bar Harbor, ME, allowing us to quickly arrive at any location in the area.
  2. We have clean, quality trucks to safely transport your car and truck to the next location.
  3. We always answer when you call, and we are always on time.

Stuck on the side of the road? Need to move a disabled car somewhere else? You don’t have to worry about a thing when you call Island Towing & Auto Repair. Get in touch with our towing company in Bar Harbor, Maine right now for assistance.